August 27, 2015 IS SOLD OUT! We have sent out 20,000 FREE tickets to anyone who RSVP'd ahead of time. Phew!

We will have important information for you about the festival's new whereabouts!  Hint:  The mind's eye!


If you signed up for free tickets, we will contact you! 


We still have 4 RARE FREE tickets to email out before the first day of our event, September 3rd, 2015, Labor Day Weekend! Beg us for them at:



Festival Updates:

  • Saturday Afternoon Blues Crew (Jonny Lang Cover Band)has Replaced the Seed Band!
  • Hilli Jones (Pimps Cover Band) has replaced The Goodyear Pimps. Fun!
  • To Legit Two Quit will take over for The Snaggs and Widespread Panic's double sundown time slot to make a dance party.
  • Heart Land High Hi (Secular Rock Music) will play in place of Blues Traveller to give festival church goers a nice place to pray and rock out.
  • Meals Kilometer & Roasted Artichokes (Miles Neilson & Rusted Hearts Cover Band ) has signed on to rock our artichoke hearts. No punny intended.
  • Cheap Truck is an incredible Cheap Trick Cover Band that is sure to light your Flame!

    Stay tuned.  We're days away from the midwest's largest premier music festival!

May 22, 2015 emailed out free VIP ticket requests this week. We have sent out 19,400 FREE tickets to anyone who RSVP'd ahead of time. Check your spam folders if you haven't seen an email with a PDF containing your VIP tickets by Monday, May 25th, 2015.


  • Hip Hop Hooray, a rap cover band from Dallas, has replaced Maroon5 
  • Joanne Lilly and her Celine Dion tribute band will be replacing Kelly Clarkson
  • Girls Girls Girls, a rock band from New York City, will be performing all of Motley Crüe's hits to close opening night!

Due to high demand for FREE Tickets, please RSVP for 4 FREE tickets now if you haven't.  The cut-off date is July 1st, 2015.

x​Seed Band - 2pm
Saturday Afternoon Blues Crew (Jonny Lang Cover Band) 2 pm

XThe Pimps - 3:30pm  TBA

Hilli Jones (Pimps Cover Band) 4 pm

xThe Snaggs - 3:30

xWidespread Panic, Set 1 - 5 pm TBA

xWidespread Panic, Set 2 (Maybe! If they can fly in from Nashville) - 7 pm

To Legit Two Quit (Gangster Rap Party Band) 6 pm

xDarius Rucker - 9pm TBA

Girls Girls Girls (Motley Crüe Cover Band) 9pm



May 6, 2015 received a threat from a Widespread Panic fan via email. See screen capture below. To address these threats:

  • *No, we are not collecting names, email addresses and IP information illegally. Nor is it our intent to misuse the information that the public is voluntarily submitting to RSVP their 4 FREE tickets to SymbolFest 2015, which everyone will be receiving via the email address they provided. As promised and nothing else. Free! This exciting creative event is not being conducted in an effort to misuse your digital information.
  • We suggest that you don't waste the legal system's time and energy or fill out the form below to RSVP future collector items if you don't want free tickets.

Settle down. Smoke some weed. Breathe angry hippy, breathe. Don't let your digital emotions get the best of you. Here is an emoji hug from our committee to you:  \O/

Very sad festival updates:

  • Widespread Panic  has cancelled their "Set 2" performance because of being in Nashville. "Set 1" is still being confirmed! Fingers crossed!
  • ​Darius Rucker's camp can not make it to our new location, which is to be determined still.  Maybe in Beloit or something.

​Stay tuned for more exciting information about Symbol Fest 2015 and RSVP your FREE tickets now before they're all gone!*

​SymbolFest 2015 


Performance Schedule

Saturday, September 5th

SymbolFest 2015


SymbolFest is seeking a new location due to event planning problems and an overwhelming amount of ticket requests that have caused parking concerns, More information coming soon please check back.

xHarlan Jefferson - 2pm

HeartLand High Hi  (Secular Rock Music) 2 pm

xBlues Traveler - 3:30pm

Meals Kilometer & Roasted Artichokes  (Miles Neilson & Rusted Hearts Cover Band ) 3 pm

xMiles Nelson & Rusted Hearts - 5 pm

Cheap Truck (Cheap Trick Cover Band) 4pm

XKelly Clarkson TBA

Joanne Lilly (Celine Dion Tribute Band) 5 pm
​Jill Foster &The Project Soul (Mariah Carey Cover Band) 7pm

xMaroon 5 TBA

Hip Hop Hooray (Family Rap Tribute Band) 9pm

Guest Emcee:  Roger Hornsby and Fireworks 11pm

Burger King, Famous Daves, Olive Garden, McDonalds, Chipotle, Taco Johns, Taco Bell, Long John Silvers, Red Lobster, Subway, Lonestar, PotBelly, Starbucks, Perkins, Applebees, Old Chicago, Chilis,  and more. Check back often for updated food providers.

May 1, 2015

We have received many inquiries about SymbolFest 2015. Event materials containing draft information leaked to the public from our previous marketing team. Their contract was severed in 2014 due to many problems. Our planning committee is livid.  

  • Bonnaroo, Pitchfork, Rockford Park District, Road Ranger, Cumulus, Summerfest, Taste of Chicago are not involved with SymbolFest.

  • Event presenters have not been confirmed.  

  • Kelly Clarkson and The Pimps have cancelled their performances due to summer touring conflicts. New artists will be announced soon.

We apologize for this situation. Please continue reserving tickets for SymbolFest 2015 and check back often for festival updates.

SymbolFest 2015 Committee 

Sunday, September 6th

RSVP  Tickets

and General Inquiries

Confirmation and Parking Information Will Be Emailed to You

May 5, 2015

SymbolFest 2015 is not a hoax, as reported on WIFR TV News at 5pm tonight, Rockford, IL.  Every one that has reserved their 4 pack of free tickets will be receiving an email this week with tickets to the event. New location to be announced soon.​​ Please continue reserving tickets for SymbolFest 2015 and check back often for festival updates.

​Symbol Fest Committee

Media and Press Inquiries


Food​S!(not free)

May 4, 2015

SymbolFest 2015 is being relocated due to overwhelming ticket requests and parking concerns that have arisen with Labor Day Weekend in Rockford.  A large water slide and another secret food music festival featuring Foreigner with Lou Gramm has provided additional security concerns. Our committee has reached out to surrounding community event planners in Loves Park, Machesney and Beloit for assistance in finding a new location. All ticket requests will be honored at the new location. Check your email and spam folders this week for your tickets. We have new food vendors and major announcements:

  • Maroon5 is cancelled.
  • The Snaggs are reuniting to replace The Pimps time slot.
  • Jill Foster & The Project Soul, a Mariah Carey cover band from Michigan, is replacing Kelly Clarkson.

​Please continue reserving tickets for SymbolFest 2015 and check back often for festival updates!

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